Sarah’s Ridiculous Chicken Enchiladas

I have to give a quick shout out to Sarah from My family and I are planning a trip to Disney World next winter, and in effort to brainwash my kids with Disney magic (and to make sure they don’t freak out around giant characters in-person), I’ve been putting on YouTube Disney World “Vlog” videos in conjunction with legit Disney movies, which is how we stumbled across her YouTube channel, Table of 6. We also (heart) Charlotte from “LilMissChickas” and her recent Disney videos, but I’m sorry, Charlotte, today we’re focusing on Sarah and her ridiculous recipe for Chicken Enchiladas with White Sauce.

Ridiculous? Ridiculously easy and amazing.

I’ve been having my 3-year-old help me with dinner prep, which has helped expand her tiny culinary world beyond a diet of scrambled eggs, Gerber EVERYTHING, and lunchmeat.

In this recipe, she was able to help me shred chicken, dump cheese, stir sauce, and feast on tortillas while I assembled the goods.

Long story short, my 3-year-old ate the enchiladas that she was able to help prepare.

I won’t do the recipe justice here, but she’s done all the hard work for you (me) at this link– or better yet, view her in action here:

I will say that we added a packet of Sazon seasoning to the filling, and next time I’ll have Sister add green onions or spinach to the filling as well, or maybe bang it out with some crockpot chicken + Rotel.

Rarely do I cook from a book or recipe, so I would say this is a great jumping-off point for someone who is learning to cook without the book and put their own spin on something.

Anyway, I would encourage anyone on the fence to try these immediately.

Sarah, if you’re out there, you’re awesome and my daughter thinks you’re Barbie. She also asks me to give her “Miley hair.” I suppose that could really reference any number of styles but the meltdown is usually averted by adding a bow.

So tell me, who are some of your favorite “YouTubers” out there? Did your kids ever freak out (fearfully) of a giant character at Disney? If not, how did you avoid it?

Enjoy, guys!

Betty @ Badass Mom Club



*I have received no compensation for this recommendation- just sharing the love. I did, however, eat half a pan of amazing enchiladas!

5 Reasons I Fired My Daycare

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My kids love when their “Aunt Pies” visits! She often makes the 2.5 hour car trip to spend time with us, followed by a luxurious night’s sleep on a couch that could fall apart at any moment.

Once the Littles hit the rack, happy hour begins for the big girls! And because it’s a celebration when “Pies” comes, we break out the bubbles! Although I can get behind even the cheapest bottle of Prosecco or Champagne “straight-up”, we’ve stepped up our game with these Champagne Floats!
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I love banana bread as much as the next girl, but I dislike heating up the house with the oven, am too impatient wanting it out of the pan, and have a severe aversion to doing dishes- especially those with baked on messes. [Calgon, take me away!]

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Remove Glue Residue from Jars with only 2 common pantry Ingredients! Let's get crafty!
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